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Redemption Terms

When you use our buyback service, you can buy back your product within two months. This at an interest of 20% per month. Suppose you receive €80 for a product, then you buy that product back after a month for €100

Please read the conditions below before using our buyback service.

  • You are at least 18 years old

  • You have a valid ID with you

  • You are able to make your own decisions about your product

  • The repurchase period is 28 days and can be extended upon payment of the monthly interest

  • You must collect the product again

  • Products with original box and accessories are often worth more

  • All payments are made in cash

  • You can relist a product for a buyback

  • The redemption amount is the amount you received, plus 20% interest per month (28 days)

  • In the event of a new repurchase, the product will be revalued

  • The products are:

    • properly working

    • completely

    • beautiful

  • If applicable: delete all data and passwords yourself before selling your product

  • The Cash4Goods buyer always has the right not to accept your product for the buyback service

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